To Be the Brand you need to CEETM the Brand.

What is a Brand?

A Brand is a perception or emotion that describes the experience of doing business with an organization or consuming its products or services.

To Be the Brand you need to CEE the Brand.

When an individual wants to create transformation in his or her life, sustainable and authentic transformation, the work has to happen within. An individual first has to be aligned internally before their external experience can shift. The same principle applies to an organization. To create brand alignment within an organization the work needs to start with the PEOPLE.

There are many good brand strategies in which companies have invested significant dollars, but too few are successfully implemented. Strategies get a business to market but PEOPLE get a business to Iconic.

TransForm has developed a new business platform we call CEE™ the Brand. Simply put, the acronym CEE represents the strategic importance of aligning the Corporate, Employer and Employee brands.

CEE the Brand is when:

  • Purposeful LEADERS (the Corporate Brand) are inspired and committed
  • to the PEOPLE (the Employer Brand) in their organization who, in turn, are aligned behind a common purpose – an exceptional customer experience.
  • That alignment when experienced externally (the Employee Brand) by the customer results in an Iconic Brand.

To Be the Brand you need to CEE the Brand.

The CEE experience was beautifully articulated by a senior executive and TransForm client who said, “I want to look forward to coming to work every day. And I want my employees to feel the same way.”

What are people experiencing internally when they want to come to work?

• Innovation
• Loyalty
• Commitment
• Passion
• Affirmation

What does an organization experience when their employees feel that way?

• Higher productivity
• Lower turnover
• Attracting the right employees
• Customer focus and satisfaction
• Creativity
• Greater Brand equity

Brand Moments is a segment where we will focus on real people who are CEEing the brand in their organization, in the work that they do, in their leadership, and even in their experiences with other organizations who are CEEing the Brand.

To Be the Brand you need to CEE the Brand.

Let’s talk about this! What is your experience CEEing the Brand?

Please email me at and tell me about an experience you have had CEEing the Brand.

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  1. Dave Hooker says:

    Nice Segment!!

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