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Brand has become a common term in our language. We have all experienced brands that have earned our loyalty and others to which we wouldn’t give a second thought. But how broad is brand? What does it look like inside the corporate structure? Who are the keepers of the brand?

I’ve spent most of my career connecting brands to customers. And frankly, that is where companies invest both the majority of their resources and time. This, however, provides no guarantee as to how a brand is experienced by the customer. There are other critical questions to be answered. Do your employees feel authentic when delivering what your brand promises? Do they believe in the company and your products? Do they have a sense of purpose, a desire to grow your business and are they committed to its success?

Today’s more enlightened businesses realize that there are other important dimensions to building iconic brands. Having a strong “Employer Brand” has gained an increasing sense of urgency as brands become more transparent. You have great products, but if nobody likes working at your company, that misalignment will surface very quickly.

As social media invites people to connect, link, tell their story and build their profile, your employees will communicate a powerful message about your employer brand. Employer brand advocates are like any other – if they love or hate their experience they will go out of their way to share it. Those multiple impressions reveal how your people truly feel about your company.

At TransForm, we ask leaders: “Are you creating the type of work environment you would love your children to work in? Why would the best talent, who has multiple choices, be attracted to working at your company?” Employees are your number one way to attract and promote your company to future employees, so how do you ensure that everyone sees or CEE’s your brand clearly?

Distinctive, relevant and consistent communication is the first step. Employee engagement is the key that unlocks the door to customer engagement. If your brand is not aligned internally your customers will be the first to feel it. Connecting your Corporate brand, Employer brand and Employee brand is, therefore, essential. When they are aligned, everything works in harmony.

The result – Purposeful leaders who develop innovative products that inspire employees to create iconic customer experiences.

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