The Olympics of Business Part II
Inspiring Your Athletes

The Games are underway and clearly the message of the Olympics is about being your best as an individual or as a team. Winners are being celebrated with their national anthems and the losers??? Here is where we learn one of the most powerful lessons of human motivation. Whilst a medal is obviously a powerful motivator, what inspires the athlete is the knowledge he or she participated in the greatest sporting event in the world. These are memories and bragging rights for a lifetime.

What inspires employees, whether their company is an industry leader or not, is being a part of an organization in which leaders strive, aspire and demonstrate a commitment to being the best in the eyes of all its constituents: customers, employees, shareholders and the community. To commit people must believe!

So where is your organization right now? What medals are you aspiring to win in The Olympics of Business. How many medals will your company take home? Are your employees swelling with pride to march behind your company flag? Is there a desire and enthusiasm to compete at an Olympic level?

These are tough questions but when we watch with awe at the triumph of the Olympic athletes,

Let us not forget the thousands of hours spent training, often in inclement weather, overcoming injuries, rebounding from defeats, persisting only because they have the highest aspirations for themselves, their teams and their country.

The future promises to be a dynamic and energizing time of more and more change, more and more challenges, yet filled with more and more possibilities. However, organizations who want to participate successfully in The Olympics of Business will also need to have:

  • A sharp, unwavering focus.
  • A culture that values agility, creativity, and responsiveness.
  • A vision that engages all employees from the CEO to the help desk.

Leaders will need to be assessed on their ability to create environments where employees are encouraged and given the tools to maximize their gifts, talents skill and abilities. Individually, however, each of us must also accept responsibility for being mentally, physically and emotionally ready to compete at the highest level. In other words, we must be committed to soaring to new heights of personal and professional achievement.

“Citius, Altius, Fortius.” – “Swifter, Higher, Stronger.” – The Olympic Motto

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David McNally, CEO & President of TransForm Corporation
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Inspiring Your Athletes

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