What’s your Word for 2014?

A few years ago a fellow team member came up with her own word to describe what was needed during a time of great change and transformation in her personal and professional life. She combined the attributes of being both creative and courageous to formulate – creageous.

It was a signal to her and others that she was not about business as usual. To fulfill her purpose in life and achieve her vision, she recognized from the onset that it would take a good dose of creativity and courage to make it happen.

I’m happy to report that, in fact, living “creagously” made a considerable difference as she moved through her transformation to where she is now thriving. What it points out to me is that whatever group we work with, live with or align with, they need our commitment, our personal best, the unique style we bring and the results of our contribution.

It has now become tradition each New Year to pick our word. My word for 2014 is Classic. I love cars; I was born in 1957 an iconic year for design and innovation within an automotive industry that created a stream of classic cars. This year I will turn 57 as well so what could my one word be but classic?

What that means to me is to contribute my creativity, skill and ambition to create a classic year filled with new ideas, exciting experiences and breathtaking results that will be truly memorable for years to come.

As you continue to create this year consider what your word might be and how it may just transform your life by igniting your passion and encouraging both yourself and others.

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One Response to BEING CREAGOUS
What’s your Word for 2014?

  1. Terry Smith says:

    I am inspired by what you have conveyed in this article. It causes me to think about how will I approach this year differently from the last. Since moving to Switzerland a year ago last December I was focused on getting the family settled, taking things off of Lisa’s plate so she could concentrate on her work with her new employer and adapting to the environment. This left me being the “household caretaker and Nanny for the boys”. I am feeling a need for a great deal more and realize I put myself in that position, no one else. This year I need to find a “word” that describes what I will become during the year and focus on behaving that way. Thanks for the inspriation.


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