‘Tis the Season to Give and be Jolly!

Have you noticed that it is the givers who get? How rewards follow service? How the people who make the most memorable impression on us are those that make a difference in our lives? Do you ever reflect on what inspires you, what fulfills you, what delights you, what you truly value?

What have we learned from the events of 2014? What do we want to create for our lives in 2015? I know that I now absolutely refuse to ‘sweat the small stuff.’ I know that I can be inspired and energized by people who I shall never meet and whose names I shall never know. I know that the problems of the world are more complex than I ever imagined. I know from the example of others, however, that the ultimate purpose of humankind is to find solutions.

As we wind down another challenging year, let us resolve to be more conscious of how our thoughts and actions affect the world in which we live. Let us become more aware that history is created not only by those whose names are revered and celebrated, but also by the infamous and unknown. Let us join the parents, the businesspeople, the artists, the teachers and the volunteers whose priceless legacy is that because of them the world is a better place.

Solomon, when given a blank check by God to choose whatever he wanted for his life, chose wisdom. Here, then, is a distillation of the wisdom of the philosophers, spiritual teachers, psychologists, and psychiatrists who throughout history have sought the prescription for a happy life. Each night before you go to sleep, ask yourself two simple questions:

Did I today, in someway, grow as a human being?
Did I today, in anyway, make the world a better place in which to live?

When you can answer yes to those questions more often than not you will be winning the game of life, you can deem yourself successful, you will be thriving not just surviving.


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David McNally, CEO & President of TransForm Corporation
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