All I Need to Know I Learn From Sydney

Parents, we know our kids can be our wisest teachers.  Often I am not present enough to realize the lessons my daughter is giving me.  Thinking about what to cook for dinner, making grocery lists, checking emails, thinking through meetings, scheduling a grocery shop around my work schedule.  And then there are the quiet Saturday mornings when I am still enough to hear her.

This particular Saturday morning I sat brainstorming my way through typical entrepreneur “opportunities”.  If you know what I mean.  I was flip flopping between frustration and inspiration.  “Come on, show me the money!” to “Let’s launch the 12 days of Purpose with the 12 days of Christmas!” (I think that’s a good one!)

As I sat staring off into space, my daughter who is 4 years old, asked me if I could draw her a rainbow.  I have very little drawing capability.  That is her father’s talent.  So I told her, “Mommy isn’t good at that, I know you can do it!”  She accepted that for a few minutes and then came over and said, “Mommy, can I whisper something in your ear?”  I said, “Yes”.  She said, “When can I be a grown up”?  I started laughing.  “When do you want to be a grown up?”  I asked.  She said, “Right now!”  I asked her why she wanted to be a grown up and she listed;

  • I can make dinner!
  • I can kiss babies!
  • I can put make up on!
  • I can go downstairs when I want…

“Hmmmmm” I said.  “Don’t you like being a kid?”  She replied, “Yes, but I just want someone to draw me a rainbow.”

I just want someone to draw me a rainbow.  I just want someone to draw me a rainbow!  Tears welled in my eyes as I realized that was exactly what I wanted.  I just wanted someone to draw me a rainbow.  I wanted someone to show me the way.  I wanted to feel that I was doing the right thing.  I wanted a rainbow of abundance in my life.

The big ah ha was…

I have all that!  I have people who show me the way.  There is no shortage of wisdom in the world!

I know I am doing the right thing because there is nothing else I would rather do.  When a client says, “you have helped me find purpose again”, there is nothing more fulfilling.

And my life is so full of wonderful things it’s humbling.  Abundance is monetary of course, but it is an abundance of love, an abundance of laughter, an abundance of hugs, an abundance of support, an abundance of enlightening conversations, an abundance of choice.

Sydney just reminded me of all that.  And because I AM the grown up, I get to show her that I know that.  I get to draw her a rainbow.

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