David McNally

David has spent over 30 years working with leaders aligning their organizations to inspire individuals, teams, and hundreds, even thousands of people in various settings. He has captured his insights as an entrepreneur, speaker, author and film producer to share the powerful transformation that occurs when people share a common purpose. He has discovered that the key to real growth and profitability is purposeful leaders who build inspiring organizations and iconic brands. Through hands on work with leaders and their teams.

David’s mission is straightforward and clear: To provide people with the knowledge, skills and inspiration to perform at their best.

David is the Best Selling Author of:

Even Eagles Need a Push – Learning to Soar in a Changing World
The Eagles Secret – Success Strategies For Thriving At Work & In Life!
Be Your Own Brand – A Breakthrough Formula for Standing Out from the Crowd
The Push – Unleashing the Power of Encouragement

David is the Producer of the films:

The Power of Purpose
If I Were Brave


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