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Strong Brands are Distinctive

Strong brands may have attractive logos and packaging, but that is not what makes them successful. All strong brands are built on a clear belief system. They know it is the value provided – which reflects the values within – … Continue reading

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Brand Moments

Your Personal Brand is one of your most important assets. Your brand is the reflection of how others perceive you – Do you act professionally? Do you have high standards? Do you have clear values? Are you enjoyable to work … Continue reading

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The Perfect Brand Ambassador

We have all had experiences when the level of service received by an organization is exceptional. That service is always delivered by exceptional people – people who understand that empathy, understanding and the desire to be of service are the … Continue reading

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A Reason to Celebrate

Research shows that when people experience inferior customer service, seven out of ten will spread the bad news to any and all who will listen – the “brand assassins.” When people experience exceptional service, only three in ten spread the … Continue reading

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Have a Purposeful New Year from TransForm!


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Aligning Your Brand

So much business conversation today focuses on the dismal level of “employee engagement,” which is the professional way of saying “lack of commitment.” Very rarely, if ever, is the answer found elsewhere than in how the purpose, values and vision … Continue reading

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Strong Brands are Consistent

My purpose for selecting the title of this blog article was not only to share some thoughts that are extremely relevant in this “attention” economy, but also to clearly remind myself and the TransForm team of the critical importance of … Continue reading

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Back to the Future

Going full circle is something I don’t have the opportunity to do often, but I experienced the enormous value of going back last week. The setting was the Minneapolis College of Art and Design – (MCAD) – the college I … Continue reading

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Pass the Mayo!

The Mayo Clinic started over 140 years ago in Rochester, Minnesota. Today it is not only the leading health care brand in the U.S., it has built an exceptional reputation internationally as evidenced by patients from all over the world … Continue reading

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CEE™ Your Employer Brand

Brand has become a common term in our language. We have all experienced brands that have earned our loyalty and others to which we wouldn’t give a second thought. But how broad is brand? What does it look like inside … Continue reading

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