Inspiration is the foundation of all great accomplishments, wherever and whomever it comes from. Recognizing that inspiration in an organization and aligning it with processes, products and people is essential to effectively compete in today’s global economy.

TransForm, a company founded by David McNally, knows only Purposeful Leaders build inspired organizations and iconic brands. Helping to align leaders and develop their ability to inspire and engage is how the team at TransForm connect the dots.

TransForm guides leaders and the organization through its proprietary, unique approach called CEE the Brandâ„¢ that results in the structure needed to develop the ideas that result in sustained business success.

It is easy to make a promise. It requires commitment to deliver on that promise. That commitment must be understood at every level and by every person in a company for a brand strategy to succeed. CEE the Brand is a process for aligning the Corporate Brand, Employer Brand and Employee Brands to enable a business to achieve continued growth and profitability.

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